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Brochure introducing a global program that provides the tools women need to become political leaders


Global Women in Politics

Leveraging the Power of Politics

Around the world, women’s aspirations for equality and better lives are fueling their engagement in politics. Women comprise most of the world’s poor and illiterate and are denied basic human rights in many countries. But times are changing.

More than simply holding a public office, politics provides a vital challenge through which women can affect the laws, policies, and practices of their societies. Women are engaging in politics to solve real-life problems such as access to clean water, health care for their children, and the ability to earn an income. They are also becoming involved in reducing corruption and making governments more responsive and accountable to all citizens.

The Asia Foundation’s Global Women in Politics (GWIP) program took a simple idea—strengthening the political voice of women—and is applying it to initiatives to help women advance their rights and interests. GWIP and its partners worldwide provide women with tools to become active and effective citizens and leaders.