Brochure promoting an IBM partnership with Microsoft


IBM and Microsoft: Redefining the Nature of Technology

Two Leaders, One Goal, Unlimited Benefits

Millions of users can attest to IBM’s reputation for reliable and robust hardware. Now, IBM is also recognized around the globe as one of the best operating platforms for Microsoft systems.

To better serve our customers, IBM is broadening its base of support to enhance worldwide sales and service for Microsoft operating systems. It’s a unique effort to unify the strengths of two undisputed technological leaders, enabling the innovative solutions that will advance the state of the industry.

Cooperative Leadership to Establish the Next Step in Technology

As an open systems provider, IBM has always been committed to creating world-class solutions for our customers. We are now an even more versatile supplier of PC systems through our association with Microsoft.

IBM has optimized its hardware for Windows operating systems to provide mutually supported solutions and meet higher customer expectations. Microsoft operating system users can switch to a powerful new IBM hardware platform and retain their Microsoft applications without concern about operating system compatibility. And customers can be confident that compatible IBM platforms are tested and ready to work with new releases of Microsoft operating systems.