Supon Phornirunlit

Multiple award-winning brochure that promotes the work and vision of a designer with international appeal


Design is Only the Beginning

With the typical traits of a Leo—ambitious, industrious, and enterprising—Supon has developed a philosophy of life that can be summarized as follows: Tastefully accessorize, and good fortune will follow!

With his discerning vision and marketing savvy, Supon and his unique design approach have made a substantial contribution to graphic arts, creating a global impact and leaving a rich legacy of style and creativity.

He started his first business—Supon Design Group—with just $1,000 at age 25. In a few years, the studio achieved international recognition and earned over 1,000 industry awards, including Gold Awards and Best of Show honors, in virtually every design category from corporate identity, print collateral, and new media to advertising, broadcast, and packaging.

As creative director, Supon spearheaded the design and development of high-profile projects such as brand identities for IBM’s Olympic sponsorship, graphics for Washington, D.C.’s National Airport, and product design for the Spy Museum, U.S. Open, Coca-Cola, and the Smithsonian Institute. He and his staff wrote and designed over two dozen award-winning books on graphic design, and their work was featured in publications around the world.