Alliance for International Educational and Cultural Exchange

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International Exchange Programs: An Investment in National Security

Exchange Ideas. Change the World.

America’s security depends on our ability to strengthen our relationships, understanding, and communication with other countries. Exchange programs have long been an essential part of this effort.

At a time when all Americans share concerns about safety, the United States must strike the right balance of protection by defending our country while preserving the openness that sustains legitimate exchange. Our security demands that we do both.

There is no surer way to break down barriers of mistrust and hatred than to live, study, or work in another culture.

When we close our borders, we risk closing our minds.

In this increasingly interdependent world, there are few global problems that the United States can solve on its own. Through the cooperation of nations and the collaboration of ideas, we can most effectively confront common concerns such as terrorism, regional conflict, public health, environmental protection, and the growth of democracy worldwide.

Without exchange programs, we close ourselves off from opportunities to share our views and values with others. And we lose the short- and long-term economic benefits exchange visitors bring to the United States.