Supon Design Group


Design in Progress: What Happens Behind the Scenes

Years ago, M.H. Alderson confirmed it: If at first you don’t succeed, you’re running about average. That observation especially rings true in the design world, where seldom does one create the perfect piece with a single, swift pencil sketch.

Part of the enjoyment and the magic of graphic art is the process of piecing together the puzzle: What if I put this line there? That color here? Use this type style in the foreground and set it at an angle on the page?

Like amateur chemists, we experiment with light and perception, imagination and attitude. Our attempts illuminate, ignite, sometimes smolder—but they all become part of the invisible strand connecting origin to the final product. Upon our cast-offs, excellence is solidly built.

Award-winning works undergo many solutions on the road to recognition. Even the best graphic designer spends much time envisioning approaches for a project, then carefully giving form to his or her visions through sketches and compositions—only to have all the ideas later rejected.

Design in Progress: What Happens Behind the Scenes is a celebration of design creation. The 53 projects it includes represent both the finished piece and those stages that preceded it.