Article profiles the Catalogue for Philanthropy and its work in the metro Washington area



Creating a Culture of Giving in Washington, D.C.

Give Where You Live: It’s the first line on the first page of the Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington. It’s a good slogan, but it takes more than marketing to inspire individuals and companies to entrust their time or money to a philanthropic cause.

So the Catalogue came up with an ambitious process to educate the public about reputable local nonprofits. A combination of exhaustive vetting procedures, quality presentation, and targeted distribution proved to be the winning formula—and has helped the Catalogue’s featured nonprofits raise $14.5 million from thousands of new donors over the past eight years.

The Catalogue profiles about 300 small- to medium-sized charities with the greatest impact in their communities. Rigorously researched and assessed, these organizations celebrate the arts, support education, provide job training, comfort the elderly, shelter displaced families, and represent the tremendous range of other good work under way around Washington.